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Did you know that everyday our clients are leveraging their websites to bring in new customers? The keys are a great website design and search engine optimization (SEO). That’s what we do at SiteXpression.

Our goal is to bring you more traffic, and not just more casual browsers—the qualified visitors that will convert to customers and make your business grow. Unlike others, we can take you every step of the way and provide everything you need.

website building

Website Building

We build websites for “go” not just for “show”. We deliver a site designed with your business and your customers in mind. We make it easy and compelling for visitors to convert to customers.
seo that works

SEO That Works

We give Google what it needs, build targeted landing pages, get you listed in the right directories and a lot more. These are the keys for the killer website design businesses demand.
website maintenance

Website Maintenance

As the designers of your site, we’re invested in its success. We’ll keep your site up and running and be there to add to it as your business takes off.
website hosting

Website Hosting

Others design sites and then let you fend for yourself in the complicated world of web hosting. SiteXpression will host your site and make sure that it’s done right.
domain purchase

Domain Purchase

It all starts here. Get the right web address. We’ll take care of the details and help you make sure that you own a domain name that will perform for you out in the crowded online world where it’s so hard to get noticed.

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Hi Todd, I really appreciate the work you did on our website. It looks very clean, neat and professional. It makes my old website look so sloppy. I'm not sure what you did but we are getting 2-3 emails a day from the website. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime. Thanks so much,
Paul - Livonia, MI